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Instruction for changing parameters (PID or other parameters)

You have purchased our ME40Pro 3D printer LOL. You can reset some parameters for the printer with computer

You need to download a serial debugging tool to change the parameters for this printer.

You need to refresh the firmware of your printer to V2.4.0

Important Firmware Parameters


What is PID Tuning?

Before starting with the guide on how to do a PID tuning, we fist need to understand the concept.

In just a few words, PID is an algorithm that makes sure the heaters for both hotend and heatbed supply just enough heat in order to have the difference between the highest and lowest temperature as small as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about what is PID, you can check this Wikipedia article where a PID controller is described.

2.Hotend PID Tuning

Get the current PID settings using the M503command. Your printer will return the current PID settings.

Run the M106 S255 command in order to set your cooling fan to 100%

Run the M303 E0 S215 C8 command and wait for the process to finish.

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