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How to connect printer to Wiibuilder

If you still have questions, please contact our customer service.

The first way : The network connection

Step1: After configuring the network through Wiibuilder or Manual editing, obtain the IP address.(See “Set Up Wi-Fi Network” )

Step2: Open the Wiibuilder. Click“WLAN Connection”, enter or choose the IP address, click“Connect”.

The second way : USB cable connection

Step1: Connect the printer and computer with a USB cable.

Step2: You need to download the CH340 driver (on the download page) for the first connection.

Step3: Open the Wiibuilder. Click“WLAN Connection”,choose “COM3”for Windows or “/dev/*” for MacOS, click “Connect”.

The reason for the failure to connect to the network

  1. It is not possible to use the 5GWiFi network. It needs to operate at 2.4 GHz network frequency.
  2. Please turn off VPN.
  3. Please turn off Windows defender settings, make sure the 3D printer and computer are the same subdomain.
  4. Mobile phones need to be operated with WIFI.The 3D printer and phones need to use the same subdomain.
  5. Keep the TF card inserted.
  6. WiFi name cannot be used in Chinese.

How to turn off Windows defender

Method 1:Turn off all defender
Method 2:Allow Wiibuilder through defender

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