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Set the Z Offset for Dual Nozzle

When the height of the left and right nozzles changes after the sprinkler is replaced, the height of the two nozzles needs to be manually adjusted to ensure the accuracy of the printed two-color model.


1. Load the left and right Nozzle into the filament respectively, and then wait for the left and right nozzles to cool to 50 degrees before performing the next step.

2.Click-'Printer Maintenance'- click 'Nozzle Offset'- click 'Z Offset Tune'

Follow the steps in Z Offset Tune and adjust them step by step.

3.Enter 'Jog mode'-click 'Printer Maintenance'- click 'Jog Mode', let the Left nozzle fall on the platform to the thickness distance of a piece of paper from the platform, and then adjust the upper and lower height of the proximity switch on the left so that the light approaching the switch is triggered.

4.Because the height of the nozzle and the height of the proximity sensor has been readjusted, the Z-offset needs to be readjusted. Click 'Printer Maintenance'- and click 'Z Offset' to re-adjust Z offset so that all the operations are done.

You can refer to the following operation video for operation.

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