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Printing With PLA Filament

1. Import the STL(How to Download STL file?Download Stl File And Print It Out ) file into slicing software

2. Click the Edit icon in the lower right corner

3.After the mouse clicks on the model name: the model can be edited, and the model can be enlarged or reduced according to the scale or size.

4. Select the Left for Right Nozzle to print, and select the color of the printing filament.

5. After selection, the rendering color of the model will be changed accordingly.

6. Click the slice setting icon at the top of the software.

7. Set printing consumables to PLA, choose print mode: very fast-fast-normal-high precision-ultra-high precision: choose whether to add support, the model does not need to add support, so choose None

8. Click 'Slicing'

9. After the slicing is completed, the lower right corner will display the estimated printing time of the model and the weight of consumables used. Click the save icon above, copy the sliced Gcode file into the TF card, and then insert the TF card into the card slot on the right side of the printer. Please pay attention to the direction of the card before inserting the card!

10. Select the model file you want to print:

Tips: because the model size of the slice is less than half the size of the platform, when you choose to print, the touchscreen interface will display the Dual Mode option, at which time we can directly click copy print or mirror print.

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