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How to configure Ultimaker Cura

Add the configuration file of the corresponding model in the official open source version of ultimaker, and then you can select the model to use in the interface.

It should be noted that some functions cannot be used, specifically: the usb connection cannot be used, and the information displayed by clicking the print file is only the layer and high level information.


Windows - configuration method

1.Right click the cura icon and select “Open file location” in sequence “share→cura→resources:”

3.Unzip the configuration file package, and copy the definitions folder of “tina2-resources” into the definitions folder in the “resources” directory you just opened:

4.Copy the extruders folder of “tina2-resources” into the extruders folder under the “resources” directory you just opened:

5.Select the corresponding machine

Mac Os - configuration method

1.Right-click the cura icon and select“Show Package Contents”,打开“Contents”→“Resources”→“share”→“cura”→“resources”:

2.The other steps are the same as Windows, copy “definitions ”and “extruders” into a folder with the same name.

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