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X40 Firmware Update

Machine Firmware

X40 V1.2.0

1. Add the Baby Z offset in the printing interface, you can set baby Z offset when you printing.

2. Add the dual Nozzle switch function in the printing interface.
3. Add the function that: when the runout sensor trigger, the printing extruder will switch to another extruder
4. Add the Y direction XY Offset Coarse adjustment.
5. Fixed an issue where bias parameters could not be saved.
6. Fixed the problem of abnormal start-up and continuous call.
7. Fixed an issue where there was no push message after the printing was completed.
8. Fixed the problem of the unlimited position of the switch in Jog mode.
9. Fixed the problem that the missing material wire will be reported if there is no material wire in the extruder on the other side when printing the single sprinkler model.
10. Fixed the problem that the left sprinkler returned to the drawing wire after the execution of the G28 instruction.
11. Fixed an issue where you can't continue to print in copy and mirror mode.
12. Fixed a problem where the right extruder did not return to position after printing was paused in copy and mirror mode.
13. Fixed an issue where the right fan started abnormally when the left fan was started in automatic docking mode.
14. Fixed an issue where the X coordinate offset was not reset after copying and mirroring mode printing.

X40 V1.1.2

1. Fixed an issue where the zoffset parameters were emptied after the factory settings were restored.
2. Modify the prompt message for height adjustment of double sprinklers.
3. Fixed the problem that there is no prompt message in the adjustment interface of the proximity switch.
4. Increase the position of the sprinkler in the X direction before resuming printing.
5. When printing a WiFi disk file, clicking Settings will display a prompt that the parameters cannot be set.

X40 V1.1.1

X40 V1.1.0

1. When modifying the nozzles switch, the feed filament parameter is M217 S16 E5 P600 R3000.
2. Double nozzle switch, slow movement distance of right nozzle increases 10mm.
3. The waiting time of 2 seconds after entering the filament when the dual nozzle switch is turned off.
4. Fixed the problem that the automatic filament feeding time returns and the material filament pull back 100mm.
5. Fixed the problem that the extruder motor was locked after the automatic entry and exit filament.
6. Fixed an issue where the shutdown could not be saved.
7. Fixed the problem of continuous call due to power outage.
8. Fixed the problem that Chinese documents could not be printed.
9. Fixed incorrect display of keys in the WiFi disk file preview interface

X40 V1.0.15

1.Match Wiibuilder V2.1.0.2. 2. After removing the nozzle and switching to the model, the filament feed operation is performed.

UI Firmware For X40

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