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WIFICAM Introduction

WIFICAM uses a high-performance dual-core processor, runs at the main frequency of up to 600DMIPS, and integrates 4GB Flash, 802.11b/g/n wireless network module.

WIFICAM supports network remote real-time monitoring, and users can upload print files and control print tasks through Wiibuilder,PoloPrint and other software.

The WIFICAM network controller has a built-in 2 million-pixel camera that provides real-time video streaming over the local area network.

WIFICAM has a built-in 2 million-pixel camera that provides VGA video streams based on MJPG encoding.

The resolution of the still picture is 1024*768, and the resolution of the video is 640*480.

The WIFICAM network interface is compatible with the OctoPrint system, and the existing OctoPrint software can be used for the remote control of WIFICAM.

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